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Idanim is a mindful meditation app created for professionals by professionals

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About Idanim

Idanim means ‘Now’ in Sanskrit. Idanim was created with a mission to raise consciousness amongst professionals to lead healthier lives. It is a/an:


Platform to help professionals through meditation


Source to spread awareness about mindfulness


Medium to bring together world-renowned meditation teachers


App created by professionals for professionals

The Idanim Story

Idanim was conceived and created by TO THE NEW, a digital technology services company that is both mindful and aware. Somewhere in 2019, we felt the need to take care of the mental and overall well being of Newers besides our existing programs. We explored a lot of options that were available in the market but none of them worked. So, by the end of 2021, when we had experienced the pandemic too, it became clear to us that we needed to take matters into our own hands. Thus, the idea of Idanim came into existence.

Business professionals at TO THE NEW faced many challenges and situations but did not know how to deal or manage them. Hence, combined with the decade-long experience of our founding members with meditation, the Idanim app was tailored to offer meditation to professionals. The vision was to spread awareness about being aware and help them have healthier lives.

We worked hard to develop the Idanim app and continue to make it a go-to platform for professionals who seek relief through meditation.

- Founding team, TO THE NEW

How are We Different

Mindful team

We’re a small and hard-working team at Idanim who believes that professionals need meditation to experience peace, joy, improve productivity, sleep better, and be grateful.


Help for all emotions

Our experts have helped professionals better manage stress, anxiety, insomnia, relationships at the workplace and emotions like grief, anger, fear, etc.


Teachers with professional experience

Our panel of meditation teachers have vast corporate experience and have helped thousands of professionals globally to practice and adopt mindfulness.


Meditation is for every professional

We target businesses primarily to be able to help professionals in any industry, field or job type to be able to practice meditation and live healthier lives.


TO THE NEW is a digital technology services company founded in 2008. Culture at TO THE NEW supports 2000+ Newers spread all across the globe with tools to keep healthy minds and lives. We take pride in being an organization that is both mindful and aware.

Core Values are the foundation of mindfulness at TO THE NEW
Founding members practicing meditation for 10+ years
7-time winner of ‘Great Place To Work’ award
Recurring winner of Top 100 Companies to work for
Media Coverage

Mindfulness and meditation should reach more people and our press and media coverage play a vital role in spreading awareness. Here are a few stories where Idanim was covered.

Our Leadership

The founding members of TO THE NEW and Idanim have been ardent disciples of meditation for more than a decade.

Deepak Mittal@2x

Deepak Mittal

Co-Founder and CEO, TO THE NEW

Narinder kumar@2x

Narinder Kumar

Co-Founder and COO, TO THE NEW

Raman Mittal@2x

Raman Mittal

Co-Founder and CMO, TO THE NEW

Satya sheel@2x

Satya Sheel Sharma

Co-Founder and CHRO, TO THE NEW

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